Saturday, November 26, 2011

Please donate a Gluten Free Holiday Box of Hope!

Metropolitan Ministries and Gluten Free Friends of Tampa are teaming up to create the 1st Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry!  Please help those in need of emergency Gluten Free food by donating these items for a "Gluten Free Holiday Box of Hope" during our 1st Annual Gluten Free Holiday Food Drive:

1 Gluten Free Whole Turkey* !
Gluten Free Mashed Potatoes (1 box) !
Gluten Free Gravy (1 container) !
Gluten Free Rice (1 box or bag) !
Gluten Free Canned Black Beans (2 cans)
Gluten Free Canned Vegetables (2 cans)
Gluten Free Canned Fruit or Jars of Applesauce (2) !
Gluten Free Cranberry Sauce (1 can)
Gluten Free Canned Pumpkin (1 can) !
Gluten Free Bisquick or Gluten Free Multipurpose Flour (1 box) !
Gluten Free Dessert Mix (1 box of Gluten Free Cake Mix or 1 box of Gluten Free Brownie Mix) !
Gluten Free Cookies (1 box) !
Gluten Free Pudding (2 boxes) !
Gluten Free Cereal (1 box)
Gluten Free Oatmeal (1 box)
Gluten Free Bread (1 loaf)*
Gluten Free Peanut Butter (1 jar) !
Gluten Free Jam/Jelly (1 jar) !

*Starred items require freezing and should be brought directly to Metropolitan Ministries and please tell volunteers at Metropolitan Ministries that these donations are for the Gluten Free Food Pantry in the Metro Market

! Items with an exclamation mark are gluten free items we are currently low on at the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry

Start of the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry at Metropolitan Ministries

Several members from Gluten Free Friends of Tampa (Melanie, Breanna, and Katrina) gathered GF food donations from the Gluten Free Holiday Food Drive at local grocery stores on Tuesday, November 22nd, and then brought these GF food donations to Metropolitan Ministries.  The GF food donations were sorted to confirm they were truly gluten free and then stacked onto shelves within the Metro Market (Emergency Food Market) at Metropolitan Ministries.  The shelves are in a separate section against the left wall of the Metro Market. 

Gluten Free Friends of Tampa also wants to thank Udi's Gluten Free Baked Goods for their donations of GF white sandwich bread, GF whole grain bread, GF Au Naturel Granola, and GF Original Granola for the startup of the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry.  Udi's GF bread has been placed in one of the freezers of the Metro Market so that it will last longer.  Udi's GF Granolas have been placed on the shelves of the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry.

Gluten Free Friends of Tampa also wants to thank Jovial Gluten Free Pasta for donating boxes of GF pasta for the startup of the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry. Jovial's Gluten Free Pasta has been placed on the shelves of the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry.

Gluten Free Friends of Tampa is thankful to all of the people who have donated nonperishable gluten free food donations into the GF Holiday Food Drive barrels at Nutrition S'Mart of Wesley Chapel, Nutrition S'Mart of Carrollwood, Whole Foods of South Tampa, and Rollin Oats of South Tampa. 

We hope that people will continue to donate gluten free food at these locations through the end of December!  Thank you for reaching out and helping families in need who can not afford to buy the gluten free foods they need to eat.  We hope to help many families in need who have celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or autism.