Thursday, December 13, 2012

Please help GF Families in Need for the Holidays!

Katrina Tiller from Gluten Free Friends of Tampa went to Metropolitan Ministries on Monday to drop off a few Gluten Free nonperishable food donations for the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry that were donated by the Tampa Celiac Support Group. She discovered that the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry is very low on GF food donations!  Please help GF Families in need for the holidays by donating items from the GF Holiday Food Drive List to food barrels that will be at both Nutrition S'Mart locations in Tampa for the next 3 weeks (December 15th through January 5th).   We need your help!!!

While at Metropolitan Ministries, Katrina was told a story by a Metro Market food pantry volunteer that reinstilled her drive to help GF families in need.  "We just had a mom with a little girl come in the other day who needed some food from the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry.  When the little girl saw the gluten free food on the shelves, she lit up like she was in a candy store!  She right away started picking out some GF food off the shelves.  The mom commented that it was so hard to find places that had GF food like this."

Poverty does not discriminate.  It can affect people of all different ages, backgrounds, races, religions, and health situations.  It is even more difficult for Gluten Free families in need because of the higher price of gluten free foods in stores and the health problems that can result if they choose to ingest gluten over starvation.  Please help to provide Gluten Free food so that these struggling families do not have to choose between starving or eating food that does contain gluten and will make them extremely sick. 

Please bring all GF food donations to Nutrition S'Mart of Carrollwood  or Nutrition S'Mart of Wesley Chapel during the next 3 weeks for the 2nd Annual Gluten Free Holiday Food Drive.  Questions or want to know more about ways to help the Tampa Gluten Free Food Pantry?  Contact Katrina Tiller at